What's Beneath Your Bed?


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Jul 11, 2004
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check what's under your bed before you sleep tonight.. :D




thanks for looking...
cool idea emo, very creative. Never did like the idea of summin under my bed when i was young, you captured these well :thumbup:
I agree with Archangel... I still check under my bed :mrgreen: ! Nice shots... that first one stands out the most to me... nice job!
the last one just creeped me out ... the fingernails are totally creepy!

Nice work!

(I keep too much junk under my bed for there to me any monsters!)
Great...play on one of my worst childhood nightmares huh??? Cheap shot!! LOL

Love this concept, yah the last one is a bit..well lets just say Im even checking under my kids beds and MY bed tonight!! LOL
cool idea... but there is nothing scarier than me before bed..so let me share, nothing is under my bed....!!

great shots..
Great idea for a dark side post, Emo! A lot of people will be remembering this shot later tonight, I'll bet.
Very cool Emo. My fave is the second. I like the creepyness to it.
Thanks You sooo much guys.... i appreciate all your comments.. :)
Aww man....I was hoping there would be a gigantic stack of porn...but it's just more dark side. Could be worse. I suppose it could be Dark Side porn.

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