What's everyone's current job then?

I am a student at the University of Utah, accounting major. I work part time as a courier at the Utah Attorney General's office.
Just got a new job doing high-end security designs/GPS security. Use to be IT net admin for a few companies.
im a proud house-wife :D ... i love taking care of my hubby :p

he's a graphic & print designer/tech support/manager .... and hopefully soon to be father :D
I'm a courier btw, (40 hours a week) and on saturdays and thursday evenings, I've got me own record store :)
theres nothing wrong with being an educator ... you should be proud :D

.. i wanted to be a teacher once, when i was a kid :)
I wouldn't mind being a teacher.

But it pays shite here in Holland :(

I did this test for it and it came out that I would be a great teacher....

Never did the course though

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