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Sep 24, 2010
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Hey everyone, my name is Vince, Im from New York. Im pretty new to the whole photography thing, joined this forum about few days ago to get some info on taking pics, editing pics an all that good stuff...> lol the equipment I'm using as of now is my Nikon D40 with 18-55mm lens, 55-200mm lens and a tripod that's about all i got aside from the 10 filters i own lol oh an the ring for a reverse lens attachment for macro shots<..... not sure how to use yet but getting there haha.
Hi Vince,
Welcome to TPF.
got Qs? ASK THEM. got something to say? - go ahead.
Few pieces of advice though before you ask a Q, search for it - chances are it was asked before and answered before.
Many members, me including, tend to ignore Qs that were asked already especially w/in days time. Qs such as "which is better jpg or raw" or "which lens for portraits".
If you want CC on your image, be specific what you asking - CC could be on composition, colors, processing or everything.
PLEASE DO write in some basic exif data - shutter speed, iso, aperture - it helps to give feedback and DON'T place 200images while asking for CC. Take 3 that are your favs and use them as guidance.
A little while ago, my buddy Dominantly created this thread series that is really amazing. http://www.thephotoforum.com/forum/...9084-exposure-your-photographic-triangle.html go through it and if you don't know the 411 in it - there's your chance to learn and be on your way to improve your skill.
Other wise, be active and if you want, PM.
good luck
im actually a member of other forums for other things so i know the whole searching thing its annoying when people ask a question an they dont search for it haha..> but if i cant find it im gonna ask it lol....> thanks for the link i'll check it out!!

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