Whats your dream camera?


Feb 22, 2004
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Im not sure if we have this thread or not, but I just thought Id throw this out there.

Suprisingly mines not a leica or rollei, but a Zeiss Ikonette :lovey: . Theyre hard to find these days as they were discontinued as they had major light leaks.... which makes them even harder to find now cos all the toy camera maniacs have a death grip on them.

So whats yours?
My dream camera is the one that links me spiritually and creatively with Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Steve McCurry, Frank Chillemi and a host of other great photogs...
Any view camera that comes with a bunch of lenses. Failing that, I'd rather have lenses for the cameras I have now... although a Hasselblad would be nice, or a Rollieflex or other classic TLR.
Digi - Canon sensor in a Leica M shell.
Film - the M7
Well it used to be a Nikon F3, but I've got one of those so I've transferred my desire to either a leica or the new Zeiss Ikon. Much more compact for my street stuff, although the F3 is tough enough to beat anyone to death who tries to take it off me when I'm walking on the wild side ;)

love the quote james roflmao..It should be pressed into the plastic back of every digital camera sold to those too young to buy beer. Just so they have it handy for any occassions.

I am still looking for a ricoh tlr super whatever it is. I had one once and ruined it. I would like to have another. Also a mamiya 220 I had one of those to. Kind of like to own them all one more time.
mysteryscribe said:
I am still looking for a ricoh tlr super whatever it is.

One of them, but with a digital bac... sorry, I'll stop. :mrgreen:

My dream camera doesn't exist, but it would take 35mm and digital backs and you'd be able to change mid-roll. Instead of just an interchangeable lens it would have an interchangeable lens mount, so I could use glass by Zeiss, Nikon, Canon, Minolta and probably everyone else too. It would be built by Nikon but to a design by Maitani of Olympus, and it would have an obscenely large viewfinder. Oh and I still wouldn't be happy. :mrgreen:
danalec99 said:
Digi - Canon sensor in a Leica M shell.
Man, I would love that!

Since it doesn't exist yet, I'd go for a 5D.

There are a bunch of film cameras I'd love to have if I were still doing film: M series, a 4x5, a Widelux, Koni-Omega Rapid, Fuji 6x9...

I have a Agfa Clack (6x9) which I love.

I wouldn't be able to pick just one as my single "dream" camera, though.
Boy...that is some question...It's like a girl, some like blondes, some brunettes, some redheads. I guess it depends on what you want the camera for [taking photographs..duhhhh] I personally grew up in the advertising business and most everything I shot was on 5x4 or bigger. Linhof, MPP, Cambo, Sinar and once I had an old Speed Graphic. Now I'm digital so all the Hasselblad gear has gone but I still have my original twin lens Rollei, my 5x4 Sinar and a Mamiya RB kit. I suppose I would choose my old Mamiya RB as my favourite camera. Heavy and unwieldy but produced some great images.

a Rollei 2.8f glass back. Why with glass back? I don't know, jus think it's so unusual having glass on a camera nowadays!:lol::lol:
otherwise a color-dial Contax IIa or IIIa, a Leica IIIf (or d much more posh), the original TLR Contaflex.
tha's all.Simple and cheap, isn't it?
have fun
Philip Weir said:
Boy...that is some question...It's like a girl
Indeed it is, The one I haven't experienced before. :mrgreen: :heart:

Love to all :hug::
Seriously - for wides, that digital FF M6 would be awesome.

For telephoto - 1Dn would suffice, with some white glass.

Realistically - I want to get ahold of voightlander 15mm heliar and mount it on a body. A FED will do nicely. I think that'd be my next lens.

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