When a Husband or Wife Comes Home at the End of the Week...


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Feb 11, 2010
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They walk in the door with a paycheck. It would be totally unacceptable for them to go to work and not get paid...shame on their boss for taking advantage of them.


I am constantly reading here about people shooting for this or that event and not getting paid for it. I do not understand how this cycle of thought has occurred.

I have been in business for more years than I like to think.
I look back now and kind of chuckle about the lack of experience and knowledge I had back then. But-I got paid, and I charged what the market would bear.

I think that people shooting for other people need to start rethinking the process.

I think it is rather simple.
1. learn how to start the business, even if it is not full time.
2. be proud and honest with the prospective customer.
3. have the answers for them, including costs and contracts.
4. go out and shoot and always try to do your best and learn.

For those who are new to this, don't even think that those who are now experienced knew back when, what they know today.
I would agree to an extent.. But some people just aren't out to have a buisiness.

Sure, it would be unacceptable for somebody to go to work and not get a paycheck for it. But what about somebody going out to do their hobby? To donate their time or volunteer? To just go out and have fun doing something they enjoy? They're not getting paid, and that's not considered "unacceptable." If your reasons for shooting aren't to make money, why should it matter whether you accept money for your time or not?

I think it's wiser not to accept money if you're not prepared or up for the task of undertaking a personal buisiness. It's a lot of work, that could easily suck all the "fun" out of taking pictures if you don't enjoy buisiness at all.
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My post is directed towards those who shoot, want to charge, but "hem & haw" about it here.
My post is directed towards those who shoot, want to charge, but "hem & haw" about it here.

Yeah I wonder the same thing all the time. What I really like is when people try to justify things and boost their ego like saying that they only charge $200 for a session+CD and that they can make more than us pros because they spend less time per client .. then you look at their blog and facebook and see that they average 3-4 clients per year. LOL
When it comes right down to it they're usually just afraid, inexperienced, lazy or a combo of all.
Not to pimp myself or anything but this kind of thinking made me start a new blog the other day. It's for photographers who dont suck ... It's gonna be hardcore marketing, pro shooter resource and full on anti-newbie tactics. Today I talked about how stupid craigslist is ... all the newbies love craigslist LOL.

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