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Jun 6, 2012
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Good morning,

Every time I've delivered a DVD to a client their desire was to print the images off themselves, so I never worried about making sure the DVD would open for viewing on a DVD player. However, I tried to look into this, (using Nero 12) and found it was much more difficult then I thought it would be.

When you guys deliver a DVD with the clients images do you always make sure it will play on a DVD?

I'd like to get this kink worked out before I have a client that desires this.

Also, if there is something else out there better than Nero I'd be more than happy to buy and learn it (I'm on windows).

Thanks for your help!
No. I do data DVDs. Making a slide show would be a separate charge. Plus unless you do them on a bluray the images are going to look bad.

I use Adobe Encore for my authoring.

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