when you look in his eyes...

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    Olympus Digital, indoor, I dont think i used flash (this was taken a long time ago)
    Thats my boyfriend Shawn. Heh, interestingly enough this picture was taken at a Cluck U (for those who dont know thats an extremely greasy version of KFC) hiding out from my evil x roommate.
    Now he has these extremely blue eyes. I think they are gorgeous. So to accent them i desaturated the shot then colored them blue, a different brightness to give them a glowing effect also its several different shades to give them, well, I will quote princess bride "sea after a storm" idea. Thats my hand in the shot as well...i probly shouldnt have been wearing black nail polish for a shot like that, but it wasnt planned... so
    tell me how i can improve the coloring of the eyes and what you think about the composition in general
    no, please don't edit it for me. I prefer to do things on my own.

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    i'm not really a selective coloring fan, so i think i'd like it better in full color. plus the eyes do look pretty fake. the shot is unique though, and i like that, especially since it wasnt planned. i like the crop too, i've always been a fan of close crops for people shots. nice job.

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