Where can I find Nikon rebates?

Nov 18, 2007
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Hey folks,

I am planning to spend ~$3500 for Nikkor lens(s) in very near future and likely another $2K in 2008 for other stuff.

Does anyone here have knowledge to easily locate any current rebates the Nikon has on offer? I realize the Nikon site is the first place to look, but I was wondering if there are others to keep an eye on.

Right, so screw the rebates I thought. I went to B&H to order the Nikkor 70-200mm lens today (only because the 24-70mm is likely not to be available until next year.) OUT OF STOCK. Not yesterday when I was really making up my mind. So I went to Adorama to purchase - OUT OF STOCK. Ahhhhrrrrrgggghhh.

Any other sites worth mentioning? I realize what the price should be, so I'm not trying to find a low baller. Reputation is key.


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