Where do you develop your 120 film?


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Feb 5, 2013
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Charleston, SC
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OTHER than doing it yourself. I don't have the time to learn it right now. I will eventually, but its going to have to take a backseat for a while.

The cheapest I can find is thedarkroom.com. Any other ideas?
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Same here, I'm not new to film in general but am fairly new to 120; so far I've used a regional chain which doesn't have a location real close to me and they send out so I started using The Darkroom. Like Leonore I've also heard Blue Moon and Dwayne's are good so want to try them too.
I do all my BW myself. All my c-41 is done at the lab I work at schillers.com. Our C-41 development is top-notch, I run control strips so the chemicals are just right, we charge $4.50 a roll ($8.00 a roll for BW, I do that in a Jobo Autolab 1000, D-76). Any E-6, I cross-process in C-41. There is only one place in St. Louis that does E-6 for slides, they do an OK job but there was nothing like Kodachrome......:mrgreen:
Ed Burtynsky's Toronto Image Works. Refrema dip-n-dunk for E-6/C-41/b&w. Quality and consistency.
Ok thanks a lot guys, ill check them out.

It is almost impossible to believe that a city as large as Charleston does not have a decent local lab somewhere nearby that can do 120 processing.

Check camera stores first. Not all of them are also labs, but many are.

I have a local lab in Iowa City at a small fraction of the population that will even do large format fancy dark room stuff, etc. And any sort of roll format is like $5 for developing any chemical method (not just c41). another $2-3 for mediocre scans of a whole roll, or normalish prices for prints.
There is only one lab in Charleston, but they're expensive. $10 just for processing and another $5 or $6 for a cd.

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