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where my mom used to swim...


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Jan 24, 2006
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These were taken in the old home village of my mother.
Up on the hill there used to be an open air swimming "pond"...
Today there are only a few things that remember of the long gone times... It's now the fishing pond of the village :wink:

Any critique is welcome, it's my first try to turn a colored picture into sepia with PS, so feel free to tell me what I did wrong ;)



Nothing wrong with these; personally, I am not too big a fan of the crooked horizons, but that may be a style, so that is ok by me. The sepia works very well.

Don't you live in the very city of Luxemburg then, but somewhere around?
Swimming and Luxemburg remind me of the fact that my daughter Sabine is leaving for your very Luxemburg on Thursday, since there is going to be a big International Swim Championship there (but certainly not in this lake :lol: ) ... have you heard anything about it, would you know where it is? You could go meet my daughter! :D (Not me, though. She's going with her team and coach and no longer neither needs nor even WANTS me around at swim meets - a pity, really).
I do live in Esch/Alzette, thats 10 Min south from Lux-City, more the industrial area of the country.
The pics wer taken in France, right on the border to Luxemburg (my mom used to be french), thats 10min from where I live

For the swim championship, is it the CIJ-Meet from 21. to 23.04 ?
If it is, then it's going to be held at the coque (the only reasonable place I could think of for such a contest in our country). It's the largest aquatic center we've got over here, so I think it will be there.
Yes, it is the CIJ-meet!
You can go take her pics :D --- in my stead! :D
Thank you melcooney!

Well if you tell me when she competes, on what team, aso, I can look if I have time and drop by to take some pics ;)
I'll PM you on this, ok?

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