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Jan 11, 2012
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I read a couple of things and its pretty interesting! However, the article about Generation Y is a little generalized... Not everyone who grows up with access to the internet is like that. I understand the reason it was phrased like that, it gets a point across! But I don't usually expect things immediately, especially with photography. I very recently got into digital, before then I started photography with film and manual focus, manual everything, and even developing and printing the photos on legitimate photo paper in a darkroom. It took a few days/weeks before I got prints. Now that I switched to digital, I appreciate the immediate results but it is not required. I appreciate immediate results for anything, but it's not like I am impatient
I understand not everyone born in any generation will fit the stereo types. My experiences are showing more and more people are jumping into photography and trying to be professionals with little or no experience. So many will start and few will have the ability to remain.

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