Where to Buy Nikon Replacement Parts?


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Jan 27, 2012
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I recently came into possession of an FE2 that is in mint condition, except that the shutter blades are bent beyond repair. I've been searching all over the internet for a replacement part to no avail. I did find one replacement set of shutter blades on eBay, with a "Buy it Now" price that is more than what I paid for the camera and lenses it came with.

Before anyone advises me to send it out for repairs or to junk it, I should explain that I only paid $40 for the camera and two lenses. I was after the lenses, and the camera was a bonus. I'm a mechanical engineer by trade and I have an interest in camera repair. What it pretty much comes down to is that I am dying to open this thing up.

So I am wondering if anyone knows of any websites that have either replacement for old Nikons, or somewhere that sells junk cameras for parts?
Ask these guys:

Nikon Parts Department
To purchase a genuine Nikon part, please contact our Parts Department by phone or fax.
  • Phone: 1-310-414-8107 (7am to 3pm PST, Monday through Friday)
  • Fax: 1-310-322-6979 (7am to 3pm PST, Monday through Friday)
Yeah, forget nikon parts dept. unless you absolutely can't find it elsewhere.. $$$$

I buy my film camera parts from here:
(direct link to the FE page.. although I don't see shutter blades on the list.. you could try emailing them though)

I've bought two different parts for my F100 on two different occasions (back cover and later a battery door) and they've both been brand new and perfect and arrived quickly.
Ask the Nikon parts guys where you might get the junk cameras for parts or other replacement parts for older Nikon's that Nikon no longer stocks.

A back cover and a battery door are minor parts available lots of places. Shutter parts aren't.

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