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Discussion in 'The Darkroom' started by danpeikes, Sep 7, 2009.

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    I am looking for a good place to get film developed. I have a mixed bag of black and whit and color, and 200 and 400 speed. I live in Chicago and would drop off anywhere local or mail them out as I am in no ruch. I am looking for a place that does a good job, will do their best to correct my mistakes. I need 2 copies of each print plus a CD of all the prints. It does not have to be super cheap but, as I do not mind paying for quality but I do not want to get ripped of either. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

    PS Doing my own developing/printing in my little condo is not an option.

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    Just asking. Why? Time? It does require some time and work and, in a small/cramped space, there is the set up and tear down.

    Space? I do all of my processing and enlarging in the downstairs half bath.

    Money? It might seem like a bit up front but you could get started processing for well under $300.00. This can include a years worth of film and chems as well. And, although I am loathe to suggest it, you could always get a negative scanner which added to the aforementioned should be under $400.00 to get started.

    Chemicals? I know this will make some folks cringe but household cleaning chemicals can be much more harsh and down the drink it goes, so . . .

    Just file away the thought in the back of your mind. Don't chunk it by default. If you never do it then you'll never do it.

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