Where to find Good Prices?

thats funny u should say that .. we get our camera equipment for B&H and Ebay ... i find B&H rather expensive :? ... we only go there cause they have most items in stock and its a 30 min train ride from the house :p ... we find Ebay the most cost effective ... you just gotta wait for delivery ... depends on how fast u want it
B&H and Adorama are the most popular because of their reliability. There may be others a few dollars cheaper, but can make up the difference in higher shipping costs and not as reliable. These two stores are owned by cousins of the same family, and prices are very close.
I used to order from Adorama a lot. They have BW film prices that are amazing. But recently I have noticed that their shipping rates have gone through the roof. They are charging four, five, even ten times what other places charge to ship. I don't recal them charging so much when I first started ordering from them.

Now I've been mostly buying film from Freestyle.(www.freestylesalesco.com)
The film is more expensive, but I end up saving money because the shipping charges are more reasonable.

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