Where to find nikon lens parts for older lenses


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Dec 8, 2011
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Ok i already check ebay everyday. So if anyone had shops that may have old lens parts i would love to hear, so i can give them a call.

I bought a broken 400mm af-i 2.8 . The lens needs at least the rear most barrel/casting and a ribbon cable that connects the lens mount contacts to the actual IC of the lens.

Other aperture ring parts may be needed as well.
Yeah, it ended up needing more parts than i thought. Hopefully i can find parts and have a nice lens for a decent price.

The barrel/casting is still pretty much all there just a small part broke off. I have a call into someone, that if i cannot get a barrel replacement they could possibly CNC a part to work. That is if i can get the ribbon cable. I still think the lens is worth fixing for what they are still worth
I believe KEH has a pretty good stockpile or parts too. you might try calling them and seeing if they'd sell you just the parts...
thanks, I do have an email into them with the photos.

they seem pretty reasonable on a "flat rate" of $230 for minor parts, although im not sure a barrel would be considered as that, as well as it needing a few connections soildered unless replaced the whole big IC. if parts can be found then im going to be in good shape as far as the price goes, and will have a nice lens for a steal, but if not, I doubt I can make my money back parting it out or selling it as broken. I guess that's a risk you take to get a deal.
do you mind if I ask how much you paid for it?

(edit- if you don't want to say, that's okay, the reason I ask is that I am into astronomy too and like to do build telescopes and stuff, if you don't end up fixing it, I might be interested in grabbing it and trying to convert it to a telescope, but it'd have to be pretty cheap)
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Keh doesn't sell parts, and they don't have parts for the repair.

I will pm you, but its probably more then you would want to spend. As you could probably get a manual focus 400mm 3.5 for cheaper
Why not call NikonUSA?

Not only should they have 'real' parts they could also give it the once over to make sure everything else is up to speed along with giving it a good cleaning and calibration.

If it costs a pretty penny or even three or four Jacksons you will still have a great lens in great shape (if the glass is great anyway).
Nikon likely didn't make many of those lenses. I would bet Nikon doesn't have the needed parts either.
John White specializes in aperture ring conversions...he 'might' have some parts...probably worth an e-mail to him
AI Conversions for Nikon Lenses: Effective, Fast and Affordable!

Bjorn Rorslett, the noted Nikon expert, was at one time not that long ago, selling ribbon cables for 'some' Nikon lenses. He was doing CPU installations in manual focus lenses, and had acquired a stockpile of ribbon cables, if my memory serves me correctly.

400 AFi lenses sold in very small numbers; something like the barrel for one of those is probably going to be difficult to find.
I suspect a parts donor lens will be just as difficult to find, since it's likely few of that lens were made.
yeah, the lens is old and only about 2000 where made. Nikon USA is little help, you can only talk with customer service "professionals" that are no help, they will not give you service center numbers or parts center numbers. you can only buy parts online for a very limited selection of new lenses.

all you can do is submit a repair order online and send the lens, in and im 99% sure it would just be a waste of shipping.

and yes parts donor will be hard, although I will be checking ebay and keep a thread up on FM, but of course the broken lens probably have the same problem as me, as they are built like tanks and 14 lbs, and about all the can go wrong physical is that casting around the mount from a hit causing the camera body to separate from the lens.

Darrel thanks for the links I will contact them.
looks like im how should I say it SOL
Don't bother with boca. He apparently is actively ignoring his website orders. You can place an order but it will go unfulfilled and he doesn't respond to enquiries either by email or telephone. At least that was my experience. The only savings grace was that he didn't charge my credit card for the order I placed but never received. I would never attempt to place an order there again.

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