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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by cal_gundert05, Nov 13, 2006.

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    Here's the deal. This Thanksgiving break I want to digitize all of my family's old pictures so that each child, parent (who are divorced) as well as grandparents and extended family can have a copy.

    But there are a lot of photos (better too many than too few, right), and we only have a flatbed scanner that's maybe 6 years old. I'D LIKE TO USE A PHOTO SCANNER (the type that processes a pile of photos one at a time) TO EXPEDITE THE PROCESS. ANY IDEAS WHERE I CAN FIND ONE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC (preferable for free)?

    I've searched the local library and university's websites, but haven't turned up anything. Thanks for your help.

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    Never heard of one that can be used for free. Except for maybe a student computer lab at a school. If you have a lot of pictures and pay to have it done. You can probably pay for a scanner several times over. You may not have the time thought. I am guessing you do if you are looking for one at a library and such. There are several good scanners available that are realitivily inexpensive.

    Microtek ScanMaker s400 Flatbed Scanner $111 from Amazon.com delivered! It has some very good specifications for the price. I have not used it. But I bet its more than enough for what you want to do. And would be way cheaper than paying for it. Unless you find a friend that will let you borrow one, I don't see you finding one to use for free.

    Sorry, I don't have any other idea than to buy a lower priced unit.

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