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Where to get a lensboard with a 50mm for omega???


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Apr 29, 2004
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I have no idea when it comes to darkroom equipment, so please help me out.

I found this thing:

Question 1:
I want to put a 50mm on it, but if my calculation is correct, I will not be able to focus except for very small prints.

This calls for a flat lensboard. Can I improvise? What's the part number? Where can I get one cheap?

Question 2:
The condenser is a variable condenser head for 4*5 film. If I use it for 35mm film, does it mean that I'm losing 95% of the light? I can adjust one of the lenses to different heights to suit different lenses.

Is the rodenstock omegatron 135mm f/4.5 a good lens? It looks like a four element design.

Thanks everybody!
Thank you for the links

I'm still confused about the head. Do I need another lens or a head to print 35mm efficiently?
The 135mm lens is for printing 5x4.
Enlarging lenses are the same size for a given film format as the standard camera lens for said format.
You will need to use a 50mm EL for 35mm negs. You should also get the right carrier and condenser to avoid problems and get it working efficiently.
The enlarger should cope with 35mm OK then.

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