Where to sell vintage cameras?

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Dec 23, 2005
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My father-in-law has a few older cameras that he wants to sell. Is there a website that leans more to the vintage cameras where he could try? Is Ebay his best bet or should I post them on here?

Thanks for the help.

I hope it's ok to post this question in the classified section.
Think of ebay as a quick and dirty way to offload camera equipment. From a sellers point of view, you will typically get a bit less but you sell the equipment faster and with less hassle. As for the researching on the internet, there's not one location for all vintage cameras. Typically you'll find a website that focuses on one type or brand. I usually start with google and read anything I can find. You can also post a list here in the classifieds and other forums...

I would go ahead and collect the information on your father-in-law's collection and post them in the "collector's forum". Our neighborhood vintage collector, Mitca, and man others will most likely have some tidbit to say about them. I wouldn't mind taking a peak... any of the cameras say Pentax, Asahiflex, or Leica???
usayit said:
any of the cameras say Pentax, Asahiflex, or Leica???

I know he has a very old Leica that is in perfect condition, not sure what else he wants to sell. I will get him to send me details and pics and then I'll take your suggestion and post them on here.

Thanks so much for the help. :thumbup:
Hey, I'm curious too..:lol:

Canadian, let me know what you have and I'll try to give you an idea of how much they're worth. Pictures and condition always help with that.
As far as I know, Asahi never made a twin lens reflex camera. In fact, they saw the disadvantages of the TLRs and rangefinders of that time period and moved to develop the 35mm SLR concept. The Asahiflex camera is one of my favorite cameras in my collection. It gets so little attention by collectors yet has such an important role in the innovation of the modern camera. The Asahiflex and the Asahi "pentax" to follow brought innovations that are still in use today. The basic "shape" and function of their cameras of today are still pretty much the same.

My 1952 Asahiflex IIB. Worlds first instant-return mirror.... again.. a design still in use today.


now where's that pentax innovation now a days.?
Its the 50s... everyone is using those things called rangefinders. Pros use them so they must be the way to go... Then someone walks up and shows you a better way.. the way of the future in photography. Most during that time would laugh it off... only to purchase one later down the road.
APUG.org has a classifieds section. It's an analog enthusiast group so there should be some, if not probably more, interest.
www.keh.com also buys/sells used/vintage/collectors cameras. If they are defined as "collectors" I don't think they even have to work. I haven't sold anything with them, though, so I don't know if it's a hassle.
he wouldnt happen to have a hasselblad would he?
he wouldnt happen to have a hasselblad would he?

Hi, let me know (PM me) if you're interested in a Hassy. I have three, out of which I will keep two. The one I'm thinking about parting with is a 500ELM.
I know this is not as "vintage as many I have seen in here, but I have an Apple QuickTake 100 - circa 1994 - Apples first entrance into the "digital photography world." I was wondering if it is worth anything yet, will be in the future, or if I should get rid of it.
Are any of them a Rolleiflex? I am really liking to get a camera from WWII. I know the Rollei is not from WWII but that is one that is on my list.

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