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Aug 10, 2008
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In NC, but currently my husband and I are workcamp
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Hi All,

Just finished my website a couple weeks ago. I've been doing a little research and am hearing that a blog can help your main website. So since my husband and I are just beginning our adventure of work-camping, I'm now thinking of doing a blog about it with some photography undertones.

Does anyone out there have thoughts on this? And what blogging sites would you recommend. They say that instead of creating another website, that blogging is more useful in generating people to your main website.

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about the subject of the blog, and if it generates more traffic my way---well that would be great.

Also, in a blog, I'm assuming that one can kind of add subtopics too, is that right?

Any info on this matter or comments about my site is much appreciated.

Setting up a blog is pretty easy... Provided your ISP supports them, and which one.

First off, I'm assuming you want to set one up on your own domain, yes, no?

If you indeed do want to set up a blog on your domain


or even


Then you could check to see if your internet provider supports WordPress. I have all my sites on GoDaddy.com and they do indeed run WordPress.

WordPress is very easy to setup and maintain. And the cool thing is that there are 1,000s of free plugins and addons, some specifically for Photography.

Our company website is based on a WordPress blog:


Look for an entry with "extended gallery" on it like this, and click the numbers. I really like the way this plugin treats photos. I know a lot of people use it, so I assume people like it.

Portfolio | Interactive | Battelle Labs | White Design Studio

Maybe I've gone on to long, not knowing what your plans are, but I really like working with WordPress and have been getting into it a lot lately.

Here's a "demo" site I'm working on for my Church. I put this together in less than an hour from scratch. Keep in mind, not all the links will work and it's a work in progress. http://bluegrassphotography.net/FCCTestBlog/

Lastly, check out WordPress › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform

Then again, there's tons of places to host FREE blogs:


LiveJournal.com - Start a Free Blog / Journal Today

And WordPress has Freebies as well:

The Features You’ll Love « WordPress.com
Thanks for the info, Chris. I'll check out your links.

I was thinking of using an independent site for my blog and not my website or even my host server. Just from the little I've read, I thought that this was the way to go, but since I'm new to all this, that may not be correct.

So if I'm reading you right, with Wordpress you use your website's host server, right? Guess I'll have to do a bit more research. Do you know of any books, articles, etc. that might help clarify it a bit for me?

Thanks so much for your response
You can start a blog very easily now a days that too in a few minutes.

If you don't want any hassles just signup at
WordPress.com » Get a Free Blog Here

& you can get started to post as soon as you signup. It's free but not reliable.

The other way round is get domain & hosting space from a host & start your blog.

In this method, you have total control over your blog, you can tweak everything to suit your needs.
I recommend www.whost.in | whost.in - Fast, Reliable, Affordable Indian Web Hosting which is a good host.
Thanks for the info and links. But I've heard good things about Blogger,which is the one I'll probably use.

I know this is probably elementary, but what is the difference between twitter and blogging? Is twitter a form of blogging?


Twitter is not blogging service, it is defined as micro blogging where people post answer to a simple question "What are you doing?".

Twitter can also be used to voice out personal opinions, share interesting links with the world, publicize one's blog/website etc.
Chris Stegner posted some real good info.

Last year I changed my personal website (HappyThursday.com) over to a WordPress driven site. Previously, it was a mostly HTML site leveraging some CSS and a few Flash components.

My experience supports Chris's recommendation of WordPress. I can add that Yahoo's Small Business hosting supports WordPress.

If you host your own WP blog, it doesn't have to take over the site. It can run underneath a top level page as a sort of sub-site. You can also have multiple WP blogs running on the same domain. My personal site runs two WP installations, one public and one my private experimental installation. It also hosts conventional HTML pages for another domain and has several sections that are conventional HTML that are accessed from links in the WP portion.
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Blogs are a kind of CMS so therefore are easy to maintain too. You can add pages as well as new posts with a few clicks rather than learning html which can get kinda scary. Just remember to post relevant news which people will want to read and you should find yourself with a good fan base which will help to drive traffic to your main site as well as provide nice links.

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