Which camera should I buy?

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by M-O-S, Apr 5, 2007.

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    1977 Polaroid One-Step Land Camera
    • "One of the original polaroid land cameras from 1977 with area for flash bar array attachment across the top. Requires Polaroid SX-70 Film (not included)."
    1950's Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash Camera
    • "Classic childrens camera from mid 20th century. Measures approximately 3" high by 4" wide and 3" deep, and takes kodak 127 film, with 8 pictures in full color or black and white."

      Working condition unknown.
    1953 Ansco ReadyFlash Camera
    • "This is a vintage Ansco Readyflash for 6 x 9cm exposures on 620 film made by the Ansco Company of Birmingham, New York in 1953. Cosmetically the plastic is in great condition, the lens is clear, the viewfinder is clear and the shutter functionality is unknown. Comes with flash holder which is untested.This simple eye-level camera uses 120 film is still available today which can easily be rewound onto a 620 spool."

      Working condition unknown.
    1960 Braun Paxette Electromatic
    • Ennagon 40mm lens
      Single-speed simple shutter

      Easy to use fixed-focus model with automatic exposure control. It has a single fixed shutter speed, the internal meter setting the aperture. A lamp in the viewfinder glows green/red to indicate that there is/isn't enough light. Flash synch is through a hotshoe.

      Brown leather case included
      Detachable Flash included
      Slight wear
      Unknown working condition
    They're probably sh!t anyways LOL

    edit: how about these........

    - Polaroid Spectra System Ultrasonic Instant Camera

    - Polaroid 600 Series Land Camera Working Nice Condition

    any advice appreciated

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    Er, maybe I've missed another post here but... context please :)

    These are quite different cameras and we don't know what you want them for; to use or just as display pieces? Also since we don't know the asking price we can't say if they're good value or not or which would be the better buy.
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    I like the one step ( I have one.) but I wouldn't recommend it as the film has been discountinued by Polaroid. I believe a third party manufacturer picked up production but it is hard to find and expensive.

    I'm with Zaphod though.. not sure what exactly you are asking.

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