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Jun 4, 2015
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My wife wants a 35mm film camera for christmas. She has two Pentax cameras and they both have had issues and she wants a different one. I am having a hard time researching film cameras but from what I understand, nobody makes them anymore, right? I would be looking at the used market from what I understand. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Nikon still sells the F6 brand new. If you can afford it, id get it.

what options does she want in a camera?

Nikon FM2, FM3a, F5, F100 are some awesome options for not much money
There is still Nikon FM10 (made by Cosina), Leica and Bessa which still are available new.
35mm Cameras | B&H Photo Video
Sure, $$$$.
What's wrong with the Pentaxes ?
What is your price range?
Does she want an SLR or a rangefinder?
Manual or Auto or both?

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