Which enlarger lens should I get!??


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Jun 22, 2003
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Hi there! :) I'm lucky enough to be having an enlarger bought for me as a birthday present...problem is..I'm completely unsure about which lens I should ask for! :oops: I think the enlarger will be meopta magnifax...and I think the lens choices are:

14 464 Componar S 50mm f2.8
22 332 Componar S 90mm f4.5
5 240 Componar S 105mm f4.5
15 389 Comparon 50mm f2.8
14 099 Comparon 80mm f4.5
23 162 Comparon 105mm f4.5
20 904 Componon S 50mm f2.8
10 262 Componon S 80mm f4.0
23 135 Componon S 100mm f5.6

- Belar 50mm f4.5
- Anaret 30mm f4.5
- Anaret 50mm f4.5
- Anaret S 50mm f2.8
- Anaret S 50mm f4.5
- Anaret 80mm f4.5
- Anaret S 80mm f4.5
- Anaret 105mm f4.5
- Anaret S 105mm f4.5
- Meogon S 50mm f2.8
- Meogon 50mm f5.6
- Meogon 80mm f2.8
- Meogon S 80mm f4

I'm looking for a good all-rounder if poss....I generally will be printing 10 X 8 or larger...i think. Can anyone help out a motivated newbie?? I really want to get it right. :wink:

Many thanks.
Tara xxx
I am new to the Forum also. so hello to you. It depends on what film you intend to use, generally you will need a 50 mm for 35 mm negs and an 80 mm for medium format (120). I use Nikon, or but if you have been offred a Componon that is just as good. Best of luck with your printing from Eric
Thanks very much.

I'll be doing a bit of 35mm and 120mm...Is there a way of getting good results without having to buy more than one lens? I guessed that 50mm would be a safe bet but i'd rather not limit myself to much.
Thanks again.
The answer to your question is .... The best you can afford.

Like a previous poster, Eric I used a Nikon with good results.
It is not much good using an enlarger lens which is inferior to the lenses you use on the camera. Best of luck.

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