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Which flash and tripod to buy for A nikon D80??


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Feb 27, 2012
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Delhi, India
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I have a Nikon D80 and want to buy a flash and a tripod for it. Kindly give suggestions.
My budget is around $100 for the flash.
The Bower SFD728N or Sunpak DF300 (same as Bower) have fairly good reviews as an entry level (aka cheap at around US$60) iTTL flash. Tripods will a ball head are better than traditional swivel tripods IMO. One example is the Dolica tripod which is not so expensive though a traditional swivel tripod may cost much less. Amazon.com: Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline Tripod and Ball Head: Electronics
The Vivitar 285 flash is very good and at a cost we all can live with. I bought a used one for 55.00 great, Google it, great reviews also.
If you want to use it on camera, sb28. Easy to use, not big, and it's fairly strong. I have the vivitar 285 hv. IMHO it's better for off camera flash. That flash is bigger than you d80.
100 for flash? the only thing ttl you will get is off brand and it wont work with cls later. Save some money get a used nikon sb-600.
Scrap TTL and go Vivitar 285

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