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Apr 30, 2006
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Hello, Im looking at getting into photography, and am thinking about buying the Rebel XT, and the Rebel T2. I was wondering which had the better kit lens in it, or if I should buy both body only, and get one lens to share between them (if I buy a separate lens, it would have to be on the low end- sub 300 if possible). If I buy either kit, will the lenses be interchangeable? I plan to use the digital most of the time, for landscape, people, architecture, everything. The film mainly will be used for shots of sculptures I do, to be turned into slides (I know digital can be made into slides, but from my understanding a 35mm film slide is better blown up than a slide made from a 8mb digital file). Thank you for your help,

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Dec 16, 2003
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Welcome to the forum.

Most lenses will be interchangeable...however, the exception is the kit lens for the Rebel XT (EF-S 18-55). This lens and the other EF-S lenses are made to work only on a few digital bodies. Any Canon EF lens will work on either camera.

One thing to consider, is the crop factor. The Rebel XT's sensor is smaller than 35mm film which effectively changes the field of view of a lens, when compared to 35mm film. The factor is 1.6 so a 50mm lens on the digital will look the same as an 80mm on the film. This makes it hard to get a wide view on the digital body. This is why they made the EF-S lenses, they are ultra-wide without being really expensive. For this reason, I would suggest getting the kit lens with the Rebel XT.

Now, you won't be able to use that lens on the film camera so you will need a lens for that. I suggest a 50mm F1.8 because it is cheap, fast and sharp. It will work on both cameras.

If you budget allows, you could certainly get a wider lens that would be compatible with both cameras. You could also consider a lens from Sigma, Tokina or Tamron.

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