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Mar 13, 2005
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Birmingham, UK
Hi all!

Well I am considering purchasing a new lens with my great new camera. 30D But unsure what, Im getting the 17-85mm IS lens with it but considering a larger lens. Ive got the 70-200mm F4.0L lens already. I quite like the 100-400mm as i could get a £105 off with new camera vouchers. But dont like the idea of push and pull. Then I was considering a 2x Extender for my 70-200mm but then it becomes manual focus and F8.0 i believe.

Anyone give me some ideas please....
Why not wait a while and see how you feel after using the camera for a while?

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket and just have to buy a lens why not buy an "L" lens?
It might be an idea to sell off your 28-105mm and with the money from your camera gear buy something like the Canon 24-70mm f2.8L USM.
It would give you complete coverage from 17 to 200 between your 3 lenses.

I have a 2x teleconverter but am seriously considering selling it. I bought it years ago but with a Canon 20D and "L" lenses, the teleconverter is by far the cheapest and worst piece of equipment i have. I never use it even though my f2.8 lenses can autofocus through it.
They're not as good as you think they might be.
How do you mean my lenses are not fast enough. I have never struggled before and i have photographed marathons, horse racing, rugby and more and all my clients have been extremely happy.
there will be situations where you wont want to jack the ISO. Unless the photos are only used for newspapers or small pics online, you will want fast shutter speeds to get the sharpest picture possible, as clean as possible (as long as your clients want anything large). It might be a good idea to sell your 70-200f4L and buy a 70-200 2.8L IS and get a teleconverter to go on that. You will have autofocus with the teleconverter (so there is less of a need to get a longer lens), IS, and the extra stop (2.8). If you are able to get in the press pit (or whatever they call it for those kinds of events), a fast wide-ish lens is a good idea also (a good example is the 35mm 1.4L or sigma's 30mm 1.4). I've looked at your site, and there are many blurry pictures (not always focus, mostly subject movement).

There is a difference between just 'getting a shot' and creating a great one. There are times when you just need to step up to a higher level of production. While the lenses you have are good (especialy the 70-200 and the 100-400 you're considering), i think you would really benefit by having at least one fast lens in your collection. if you HAVE to have something longer, try the 300mm f4L IS, as it's a good price, has IS, and is much sharper than anything else in that range (except the 300mm 2.8, which is much more expensive). just a thought.
cbay said:
How do you mean my lenses are not fast enough. I have never struggled before and i have photographed marathons, horse racing, rugby and more and all my clients have been extremely happy.
The F word
This goes back to you wanting a new camera......I think the lenses are the problem...not the body.
The lower the f number the wider the aperture and the more light the lens can let in on a shot. with more light the exposure can be reduced and therefore a lens is called "fast"
F2.8 is the fastest zoom lens you can get as far as i know. If you get an "L" lens then a prime isn't as important because the "L" lens quality is excellent.
Good Points, but to be honest I am happy at the moment with my lenses they do exactly what I want, plus i havent got tons of money burning a hole in my pocket or anything.
The 100-400 ain't bad... I've got one as you know. The push-pull takes about an hour of shooting to get used to! ;) However, speaking as an ex-Nikon prime lens only (and under f2.8 at that) kinda person..... it's soft. Very soft. It's flattering on people - the main reason I bought it. I use it as a portrait lens. It's fast enough with my 20D to do sports, but it wouldn't touch the 300 f2.8 for light gathering.

My advice would be to rent all of the lenses you're thinking of getting from Calumet in London (they might be in Birmingham as well). They're only about £30 per day.... well worth trying a bunch of kit IMO (when it's this end of the game) as only you know what's acceptable and what isn't!


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