Which of these 3 Penax combos makes most sense?

Discussion in 'Pentax Cameras' started by seanpatrick, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Hi again folks!

    So I've narrowed it down within my (stretched) price range to three different options:

    Pentax k-50 (used, 9+/10 condition w/ 90 day warranty) with the kit 18-55 lens and 55-300 lens bundled
    $525 CAD (great deal I think)

    Pentax k-50 (used, 10/10 condition w/ 90 day warranty) with the 18-135mm lens
    $709 CAD (not as good a deal, but everyone raves about the 18-135mm)

    Pentax K-S2 (NEW with full warranty) w/ 18-55 kit lens
    $700 CAD

    I'm torn between the three. The K-S2 does have wifi, more megapixels and an articulating screen, and gets fantastic reviews, however as I'm not blowing up huge photos I'm not sure how much the extra 4 mp will make a difference. In addition, I've always used the viewfinder for 95% of my photos on other cameras, but then again have never had an 'articulating' screen. The wifi addition is decent, but I don't think it's that big of a selling point for me.

    Which would you pick?


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    First of all post this on the Pentax forum and you will be way better off. http://www.pentaxforums.com/forums/

    Second of all my advice is forget about mp specs and features like wifi. The only thing that matters in a camera is image quality and price. The cam that has those 2 ratings the farthest apart that's in your budget is the right camera for you.

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