Whick Nikon speedlight for my D7200?

Discussion in 'Nikon Accessories' started by Blind Bruce, May 19, 2016.

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    I was going to replace my SB-600 with the SB-700, so the SB-700 is my recommendation. I always liked using the Nikon CLS system.

    Now I have two Yongnuo YN560 IV units with the YN560-TX Controller and a couple JJC model FB-1 battery packs that plug into the flash units. The battery packs have 8 each of the Enloop Pro AA batteries installed and each flash has four of these batteries plus the transmitter and a backup set for all, so 52 batteries and a good charger. These are easy flashes to use with a simple menu layout - and fast to change from using off camera with the Controller to using on-camera.

    I think that it was better that I started with the Nikon flash, but what I have now came in less than the cost of just an SB-700 so I had to give it a try.


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