while my wife's away....

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Haha...VERY nice pictures...I have a feeling they aren't here for their artistic attributes. ;)

Good thing I already live in Florida! :D
:biglaugh: Oh, you are SOOOOOO dead!!!! :biglaugh: But it's gonna take them a week to wipe that smile off your face.

Hahaha *ducks*

You didn't enjoy it though did you Jon? You selflessly put yourself through the whole ordeal just for us at TPF ;)

OMG are you in trouble...... but what are gonna do if you get a load of stunning women drop by your office, i mean you cant ignore em!! :mrgreen:
kelox said:
Here's hoping the wife never sees this thread.

:er: So, this is why I didn't hear from you today.

Advice: When you want to play with Miss USA, make sure your wife is not a Dark Sider! :fangs:

I'm not allowed to touch your camera but these women are? hmmmm....

Get ready darksiders, you may be seeing some really dark photos next week when I get back! :mrgreen:
oh oh...Im gettin a bad feelin here. The darkside is gonna be turned upside down now.
Hey jon...just wanted to let ya know, if ya need a place...you can come to Canada.:lol:
Wait till you see miss Canada ...eh:lmao:
JonMikal you are just a riot!!!

Great post....sure got my hubby off the couch to look at a set a pictures....he won't do that for me. Wonder what I am doing wrong....lmao. ha ha. Oh wait no hotties....lol. My poor hubby. lol

Let us know when the swelling in your head goes away....
The ego swelling and the swelling that Calliope delivers when she gets home....lol.
woodsac said:
Next shots I wanna see...are your lumps :lol:

Cool stuff bud :thumbup: And yes, they are tall!
Me too!

OMG!!! JM, I don't if your lucky here or just in a lot of trouble. But it does look like your hella happy here! :lol: Poor you when Linda gets home, she posting pic's of your kids and your out and about like this.
Man you're a dead man.:gun: :lol:
WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Go Mr JonMikal!!! :mrgreen:

Doesn't Miss North Carolina look like the chick actor out of the "Scary Movie" movies. hehehehe except a brunette.
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