White Balance and Colour Correction


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Taken from the other thread which seemed to get really off topic.

voodoocat said:
nukie said:
voodoocat said:
nukie said:
Dew said:
white balance
Shooting in RAW mode eliminates that problem :D

how so? RAW just means that there is no compression. The white balance is the equivilent to filters or film that is balanced for different types of light.

I can't remember where I read it, but I'm quite sure that saving a photo in RAW mode lets you play with the histogram before saving it as a jpg or tif. I've not got around to playing with it on my G5 yet, so don't ask me how to do it. But yeah, it *should* work.

This is the only mention of it I could find.

Yeah... you are talking about the levels. You can always do that in photoshop to get a true white even if you did have compression.

How are the levels different to the White Balance? I always thought they were the same thing if not similar.

And I know that its possible to alter the levels of any photo to get a "more correct" white. But once its a jpg, you're working on pixels with loss in them. With RAW mode, the idea is that its uncompressed, and you fiddle with the whtie balance/levels/histogram before it gets saved as another file format.

Well, at least thats my understanding of it. :)
I think we are on the same page.

I was responding to the comment that RAW eliminated the need for white balance. That is true to an extent, but you can still edit a jpg the same way. Yes, there is a loss in quality due to the compression, but the differences are minimal.
So to a point, if I shoot in RAW mode, then I can not care about the white balance in the camera (shooting constantly in a middle'ish range). Then correct the colour when its downloaded to my computer?

Granted I can do this when saving as a JPG, but with the RAW mode I shouldn't lose any clarity, and gain an ideal white balance.

Just seems as though there has to be a catch.
Well there may be more to it than just the histogram. You may need to do a little work to the colors using curves or hue/saturation. Don't take my word for it though. I have little knowledge of digital sensors.

Now the Sigma SD9 does not have any compression yet it still has white balance.
Hmmmmm. Just had a quick play with my g5, and it lets you select RAW Mode and chagne the white balance as well. So it must do something.

I think its time to head off to google. If I find something which sheds more light on the matter, I'll post it in here.
I was reading through the manual for my slide scanner. At the end there is a section with information on getting the the right colors.

Knowing the complementary colors is very important in color balancing. If the image has a specific color cast, either subtracting the color or adding its complementary color will create a natural looking image.

If the image is too:

Red - Decrease the amount of red
Green - Decrease the amount of green
Blue - Decrease the amount of blue
Cyan - Increase the amount of red
Magenta - Increase the amount of green
Yellow - Increase the amount of blue
with that graph u presented voodoo .. it sounds like selective color in photoshop? ... im always taking yellow out of my photos with that one :oops:
In this situation I am talking about the curves.

I will be uploading a tutorial soon..
Yep, Dew. It can be done with Selective color as well as with the Curves tool. To me, it seems to be a matter of preference, though the Curves tool is more powerful, letting you limit the modification to only the midtones, or highlights, etc.

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