who can help me?

DepthAfield said:
I dunno!!! WTF are you talking about??

If you had nothing helpfull to say why did you bother answering!!!!!!!!!! :grumpy:

Try and copy the address info for your thumbnails in your web site and paste that into the insert image icon.
I hope one of the moderators will be able to explain this better.

Or try clicking on this link
jiaz - what are you are meaning by accessories? Would you like to add a signature? OR Do you mean photos when posting?

IF you are referring to your signature this can be done Under your profile in the userCP at the top..
IF you are wanting to add images to show those here at TPF (WELCOME TO TPF) you simple find an image hosting site like

www.photobucket.com and upload photos there..

Once you do that you open your post and copy the link from your image in photobucket (This can be found UNDER your image)
and click on the yellow square in your post you are creating here.. Its yellow with a small mountain/sun on it.. Once you click that paste your URL into there and hit ok.. Your image will pop up in your post. :)

IF you need anything else just let us know.. :) again welcome to The Photo Forum!
thank you everybody^^
the problem was solved...
sorry my poor english.

welcome to view my photo:
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