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Dec 25, 2012
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We will be going on vacation in about a month and I would like to try a rental lens to take along. I have the 18-55 kit, but the only longer lens I have has no AF (D40 so it won't manage the AF itself). Which works fine for me, but slows things down ... not so good when sightseeing with toddlers. (Also confounds the husband if I hand him the camera, so it's probably staying home.) I'm thinking about renting something in the up-to-200 range or so.
Problem I'm having is: Google pops up a bunch of rental companies ... any recommendation on who to go with (or avoid)?
Any other advice for a first-time renter also appreciated!
...is there not a local store in your area?I've always thought it best build a good working relationship with my localmerchants for anything.....and get the insurance.
Well, whaddaya know! NorthPhotography says they are "partnered with The Lens Depot" for drop-offs and pick-ups of rentals. They're not really close, but an hour or so of driving (RT) is still probably cheaper than shipping. Thanks :) Didn't occur to me this was the kind of thing a store might offer.
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