Who doesn't love kittens!

The Mad Jester

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Mar 23, 2006
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I work at an animal hospital. Every so often, strays are brought in to be dealt with - and just last month, three stray kittens were delivered. Who can resist the kitten face! My fiance and I ended up taking one home, and so far she's such a delight: she's got maine coon in her (which she has determined to make obvious with her behavior and various mannerisms) and therefore, it has proven difficult to keep from taking photos of her, and her sisters.



I really want to compile them into a photobook of some sort, probably through www.viovio.com. They have the best service I've seen so far. I think it'd be cute. She is, after all, our baby. =) ..and much more interesting to look at. Ha!

I have a LOT more photos, but unfortunately the camera I am using is having issues. It either puts these strange, stripey lines through the photo or blurs the image altogether, even with the anti-hand shake option on. I guess I can't complain.. it was a gift from my fiance's uncle. Ah, well.

Photos were manipulated through photoshop: saturation and contrasting, mostly.

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