who has a holga?


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Dec 27, 2007
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I'm hopefully getting one for part of my birthday present in about a month. If not, I'll buy one. But anyways, who here has a holga? Do you have any accessories for it? Have you done any modifications? Can you post some of your best shots from it?
I've got one and done absolutely nothing to it. All I do is tape it.

Works just how I like it.
i have 2 holga 120 n (sweet betty and roxy) i modified each one differently.
i have one that a use with 35 mm film so the rebate shows in the photos.
the only mod i have made is to tape the film window.
my girlfriend got me a 120n for my birthday, best surprise ever!! i love the little thing. Makes a refreshing change from metering exposures and everything else entailed in an SLR. She got me a load of filters for it too and im looking to get a fish eye. I always bring it to raves and ive got some mint pictures (till im too spannered to use the thing!!)

*edit - get a 35mm film back unless your processing film yourself bcoz its damn expensive to get 120 developed even though i love the square format it comes out as
I have a "modified" Holga and it's always a lot of fun, and easy to pack along.

Keep black tape in stock!

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