Who here uses the Tamron 28-200 or 28-300mm zoom lens?


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Mar 9, 2003
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Who here uses the Tamron 28-200 or 28-300mm zoom lens?

I have been considering one of these two lenses for quite some time, but being that they appear to be significantly cheaper than similar lenses from other manufacturers, I am a bit concerned with the overall quality.

If you use either of these, I would appreciate your thoughts on them. Also, if you use a similar range zoom lense from another manufacturer, I'd like to hear your opinions as well.

Sure would be nice to have a single lens that gives me the entire range I am interested in (even though I know I will probably give up a little something by having a lens with such a large range).

Thanks in advance! :salute:
I don't have either lens, but considered one and researched them. The XR series are much better than their predecessors(sp). The Tokina 24-200 has also had good reviews and better build quality, so it's a heftier package.

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