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Sep 18, 2008
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I have a small photography business that is new. I probably make about 12 thousand from it a year at this time (not taking out losses and expenses of course). I was using North American Bank Merchant but when they charged me without warning for the PCI compliance fee (I wasn't aware of the fee) I didn't have enough money in my account and the amount bounced back. I called them up and told them I wanted my account cancelled and they contiued to charge me monthly fees even though the credit card terminal was turned off and not in use at all. I finally got fed up after two months of arguing with them and them saying I never called so I spoke with my bank. They said due to the circumstances I could close my account once certain things that were pending were cleared and end the problem at that end.
The very next day after me stupidly sending an email to them saying what I was going to do if I was charged again, something I shouldn't have done. They charged me over $1500 dollars in two lump fees and for hours I tried to get someone on the phone and I kept getting passed from person to person so I spoke with my bank again and the manager actually pulled me aside and said due to the new circumstances he'd refuse the charges and we'd forget the pending stuff and close the account out immediatley. I am very lucky I am known well enough at my bank that they trust me.
Now I need to find a merchant account before these guys ruin my business credit as they aren't getting the $1500 regardless if I have to take them to court or not.
Does anyone know a good Merchant account where I can get a low priced wireless terminal and monthly fee's under $35? I don't do any selling online so I have a signed receipt every time or the charge isn't taken by my studio.
Thanks! I am located in the US if that matters.
NPC has done my processing for over 25 years... right from the start. I have ancient equipment, but don't do many charges since most of my business is with companies rather than consumers.

My situation falls into this category:

SAQ Validation Type 3 / SAQ B: Standalone, Dial-out Terminal Merchant, no Electronic
Cardholder Data Storage
SAQ B has been developed to address requirements applicable to merchants who process cardholder
data only via imprint machines or stand-alone dial-up terminals.
Merchants in Validation Type 3 process cardholder data via stand-alone, dial-out terminals, and may be
either brick-and-mortar (card-present) or e-commerce or mail/telephone order (card-not-present)
merchants. Merchants in Validation Type 3 must validate compliance by completing SAQ B and the
associated Attestation of Compliance, confirming that:
�� Your company uses only standalone, dial-out terminals (connected via a phone line to your processor);
�� The standalone, dial-out terminals are not connected to any other systems within your environment;
�� The standalone, dial-out terminals are not connected to the Internet;
�� Your company retains only paper reports or paper copies of receipts; and
�� Your company does not store cardholder data in electronic format.

I wish I could tell you more. All I can remember is handling this over the phone when it all began. Since my terminal is not connected to the Internet or any computer, and we do not store customer info, I had nothing further to do to be in compliance.

HERE is a site/forum that apparently has a group deal/discount on merchant services for their members. It's not free to join, but with this and other benefits, it may well offset the cost of membership.

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