who is this photographer...?


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Jun 3, 2006
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seoul, south korea
hi all--

i have been looking everywhere for the name of the photographer who stages his pictures and designs elaborate settings for them.

he uses cotton and such for clouds and in one specific picture he is in a crow's nest with a telescope and in another he is on a ladder i believe with constructed wings... (i feel like i'm making this up) they are retro looking pictures (sepia tone maybe?) and VERY unique.

any information would be VERY much appreciated :hail:
Thanks mark! Just took a look at the websites and Im loving his work.. Such creativity and admiration in what he does.. Wonderful work
wow--thank you so much, turns out they are actually exhibiting in my area soon!!

much appreciation on this end for the quick reply!
No problem. You definitely should go! Looking at them on the web is nothing like seeing them in person. I found it to be an emotional experience wandering through those images.

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