Who's coming to Bangkok with me?


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Aug 24, 2005
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Chiang Mai, Thailand
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It's one of the only times I feel somewhat content- when I'm travelling and/or in a new place.

I'm interested in travelling to other places besides Bangkok. I would name some places, but honestly I don't think there's anywhere I wouldn't want to travel to that I can think of. Considering Mexico or possibly Canada for a few days to get the bug out of me until fall. I've been in the rainforests in Costa Rica, Hawaii, Alaska but these were all "family trips" as a teenager. I think this was what instilled my desire.

My brother lives in Hawaii on an organic fruit farm. He works 20 hours a week in exchange for room and board. He doesn't get paid other than this. Few material possesions. No money to his name. I am quite similar as far as material things go... though I like money a bit more than him

[/FONT][FONT=Verdana, arial, Helvetica] My PLAN is to move to Bangkok around October. Could happen sooner... Possibly may not happen at all. Assuming nothing monumental happens (I get run over, end up with twin babies etc...) I'll be there by end of '06.

I'm antsy now, but am wanting just a bit more cash to go with. I could live there for 2 years with my current savings if I lived frugally. BUT, after several months of relaxation and getting the lay of the land the plan is to get a job teaching English. So I'd like to try and live off of that salary and leave most of my savings as savings

Who's comin' with?! If you're not comin' with... Where have you been? Where do you want to go?

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- Damian
I've been no where, and I don't really want to go anywhere! Over the last couple years I have grown to love the town I live in, Bellingham. It's so great. A little bit of everything...big enough that there's always something to do, small enough that at times there's still that "small-town" feel to it...like running into people you know on the street corner all the time. I would dearly love to see Ireland and New Zealand someday, but I plan to always live in Bellingham. =)
ive been to bangkok b4.... saw muy thai fights ringside, buddhist temples and more.. theres a bangkok section on my site if u wanna check it out
I'll be in Mexico for a couple of weeks in July. Come on down and you can pound some nails with us and then shoot photos to your hearts content in some migrant camps. Great photo ops.
wow... bangkok sounds awesome. I just spent a year in france working and studying. It's so exhilirating stepping out of your comfort zone and living somewhere else. I feel like I can do anything now - yeah I know it sounds silly but it's true.

but I still get claustrophobic. grrr!

Hope you have a wonderful time in bangkok - just think of all the awesome photos you'll be able to take there!
tekzero said:
ive been to bangkok b4.... saw muy thai fights ringside, buddhist temples and more.. theres a bangkok section on my site if u wanna check it out

Awesome... I plan on staying there for at least a year. Probably like 2 or more if I like it. We'll see... I can only plan for going...beyond that I'm unsure. I'm DEFINETLY gonna check out your Bangkok section.

panzershreck said:
i've been to bangkok, and some rural areas of thailand

pun-tip rocks, btw

Pun-tip... What's good about it? I'm interested in all areas of Thailand too. Not just bangkok.

Can either of you give me a feel for how difficult it is for an american to get work over there?? My plan is to teach english, but I'm wondering if there's other opportunities too.

Fredc- I'll definetly keep that in mind... Though July 1-7 is set aside for the rainbow gathering in Colorado... Going to be awesome...

Thanks for all the replies...

- Damian
damian5000 said:
Pun-tip... What's good about it? I'm interested in all areas of Thailand too. Not just bangkok.

pun-tip is a massive electronics place where everything is unbelievably cheap

Phuket area is really beautiful, the southern region of Thailand is where i had the best food (and the spiciest)

went to the Burma border northwest of Bangkok, not sure you'd want to go there, truly rural, almost no buildings whatsoever

i might be able to ask some Americans who work over there that we interviewed (i was over there with a documentary guy), they've been there for 11 years, so they'll know
Awesome... I'll definetly check it out. I also belong to some thai forums.

Meysha- Thanks so much for the support and interest. :) And I think you explained it well... "Stepping outside your comfort zone and living somewhere else." I think this is really a huge part of it for me... I've not gotten too comfortable in Vegas...I haven't let myself. I don't acquire very many material possessions and mentally just itchin' to get out of here. But any change forces adaptation and I think I'm less in my head when I have to adapt to new ways of living.

- Damian

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