Why did this price hike just happen in Canada?


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Jun 17, 2013
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The dollar is kind of crap, but it's still 0.73 CDN to 1.00 USD.

Bestbuy and a couple other stores just upped the price of the Tamron 15-30 to $1600, up from $1350. And some other Tamron stuff, and other lenses just went up in price.

Some other camera stores haven't hiked the price up yet. But it's obviously a new pricing scheme that is consistently being applied across the board by some stores in Canada right now.

Kind of worries me, because I'd like to pick up a new lens but I'm just not sure if I'm in the financial position for another couple months. And by then, bam, extra $300+???
One Canadian dollar is worth only 83 Yen at today's exchange rate, and under 73 cents in US funds. The Canadian dollar has been dropping steadily, and Japan announced about ten days ago that they had been "absorbing" lens manufacturing materials and production costs, and were raising prices in the Japan market on a substantial number of lenses. Nikon held off on making the price adjustments needed to offset the Canadian dollar's increasing weakness over the recent past...but they eventually had to make up the shortfall, so...prices went up. With the Canadian dollar being 23, then 24, then 25, then 27 percent below the greenback dollar, the disparity between USA and Canadian pricing was, I think, driving too much over-the-border and grey market sales volume to Canada, hurting both Nikon and Nikon's retail partners in the USA, so again--a price adjustment was made.

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