why oh why didn't I have a camera with me today... (no photos included.)


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Apr 15, 2008
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I went outside of my work today and saw a couple guys working on a billboard about 150 feet from me, the same billboard that a couple crows have had a nest in since I have been working at this place. Well as you can imagine, the crows were not very pleased at the human intrusion. I didn't know which pair to feel sorry for, the crows getting their home invaded, or the two guys that were trying to get their work done with a couple ticked off crows doing strafing runs on them. It was quite comical in a way.
Anyway I wish I would have had a camera handy because a few times I would bet the one more brave crow got within 3 feet of the workers doing its flyby's. One time the brave one was hovering over the workers from about 6 feet thanks to a nice wind that was blowing. Also, I dunno how many of you have seen a crow up close... I mean really up close as in arms reach. They are not black, but the most deepest darkest shade of purple you can imagine prior to becoming black. They look black until the light hits them right and they have this purplish sheen to them, so very cool.

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