Females are born understanding males!
If Manda claims she doesn't then it's part of a nefarious scheme to confuse some poor male!
Every female I've ever known could make a male do anything she wanted, it's all in their genetic structure.
Just for curiosity Manda, what brought this on?
stupid of me to think id get sympathy on a male dominated forum haha

well im not married if thats what you mean, dlc..

just a boy who confuses me, mrsid :(
If you truly are confused then it's time to move on.
Just be sure of what you're really looking for.
manda said:
stupid of me to think id get sympathy on a male dominated forum haha

There are a few females... much better balance than the gaming and design forums I frequent.
well, i've been down that road before and didnt think too highly of the male species before i met my hubby ... but it took me 29yrs to find him .. i had given up ... with a little patience and numbness (to deal with the fools) ... he should come your way ....

but to be honest with u, my hubby is really the only man that understands me in every way (thats why i married him :) ) .... pick up your bags and walk girl.... why should u have to settle for less, u deserve better :wink: .... if u wanna talk pm me :)
come to the states. it will make you feel a whole lot better about your situation. nobody is happy with anybody around here.

:::buys plane ticket for australia:::

i agree w/Dew:

walking shoes.

if there is confusion and it just isn't being cleared up, then either:

1) his communication skills are lacking


2) it's an attempt at manipulation


3) he just doesn't have the finesse for a relationship

in any event, how could that be for you?

yah, 'boys' are confusing...as we grow up, we become very transparent, but a bit more 'difficult'.
Aww Manda, I wish i could help with this post but as being a man myself i can't understand myself sometimes so stay positive things will turn in a positive way ....... they always do ... :wink:
I don't understand women.

and women don't understand me, so i decided to stay single

I think........ :)

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