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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by mojojojo, Apr 19, 2004.

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    I'm relatively new to digital photography, and I have a few questions about screw on wide angle conversion lenses.
    I am looking at getting a new camera after my old sony p9 took a bath. It is between the sony v1 and the p100 when it comes out next month. I would love to be able to do wide angle/fisheye perspective shots, but I am wondering about the image quality.
    Will the image get blurry at the edges? Are conversion lenses used by serious photographers, or is a digital SLR the only way to go?
    thanks for your help

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    I always thought that conversion lenses sucked, but a photographer friend of mine (who shoots with Hassies, taught photography at the university level, and is now editor of After Image) bought a Canon G5 with the wide-angle conversion lens and he has no issues with it. I was a bit impressed with that camera. The lens is so big that you have to use the LCD rather than the rangerfinder while it's on the camera, but it looks like a great alternative to spending the money on a digital SLR.

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