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Wide-Angle Lens - Question


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Apr 30, 2006
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norman, oklahoma (blah)
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First post, new to forum, amateur photography. =)

I have a Canon Digital Rebel with the stock lens 18-55mm. It's alright.

I may have ACCIDENTALLY purchased the wrong lens for what I need ...

I bought a wide angle EF 24mm fixed focal length to take architectural photographs.

Wouldn't 24mm be within the focal length of the lens I already have, the 18-55mm? I am not too good at this quite yet ...

Please advise ... Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this is fun even though I may have spent 300 useless dollars on a college student's budget)
Well, yes it is in the 18-55mm range, but it is by no means a waste of money. From what I have heard the 18-55mm Canon doesn't have the best quality, and it is a general 'fact/theory' (whichever way you prefer to look at it) that prime lenses are much sharper, and faster. In my opinion, it was a good purchase for taking architectural photographs.

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