Widow's Watch: You thoughts...


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May 4, 2006
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Silver Spring, MD
I think I am starting to get the hang of B&Ws... Am I?

I got all of these shots at my friend's house in Cape Hatteras, NC.



OK...technically I do not think it is not a widow's watch...but it is late and I can't think of a better title...
Somebody i know fell off of a widows watch while trying to take some photos. Very nearly died.

It looks almost like it was intentional, but the slight angle of the house is bothersome to me. Good contrast and good composiiton.
Sorry about the bad memories Midg.... that was obviously not intentional. Thanks for the feedback though.

Adding one more I did a quick job on this morning. Had to remove telephone wires and a water tank... Edit: Looks like I missed part of a line on the first pic. I will touch up this evening....
Cool shots Ro Ro. Im diggin the second one of the two.
I would only ask people to choose if they were going to buy prints from me... That being said... do you want to choose :-D

Seriously though...I appreciate your feedback on the pics.

P.S. Consolidating my two threads... Adding the third pic in the series...
MightyLeeMoon said:
#3 does it for me. I'm just a sucker for a good close up of something...

I dream in macro...
Funny...I dream in color, but I still like B&Ws :D

Check out the pics on my blog page (still a newbie so there ar not moo many pics up yet). I got a couple flower macros there that you may like. They were done with my Raynox 250D macro lens attachment.
Great black and whites.. I love the 2nd one of these..
Holly??? Is that you in my AVATAR????

And no...I don't know who that really is... Funny thing...I entruded in that picture and it eventually found me :D Caption read "Some Big Scary Guy"

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