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Feb 6, 2006
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Temagami Ontario Canada
I took this snap shot of my wife and grandaughter sitting at my son's kitchen table, I liked the shot but not the surroundings so I did a little work on it. I may have posted this on the general forum but I'm beginning to see that there is more critiquing here--thanks for looking --lenny

I think the idea of having them fade out like that is good, but for some reason it's just not working for me. I think it might be because their faces are fading too much instead of just the background and surroundings. Perhaps more contrast would help fix that?
I think that looks great, maybe just a little too much sepia, or what ever colour that is. Good thinking on that one
i agree with the rest, it's a nice shot but there is something not quite sitting right and i think it's because the background tone you have chosen is lighter than some of the skin tones, which i think gives the impression that this feathered background is coming too much to the forefront. I would try taking a sample with the eye dropper from the darker shades of your wifes hair and using that as the tone for the feathered area.

like christie says, you're definately on to something
Unfortunatley the picture here is not quite a good representation of what it really looks like. I actually had this photo printed out and framed and get a lot of compliments on it. Of course that dosen't mean that it is to every one's taste. I was trying to get the photo so that the subjects just seemed to project out of no were with no definite begining. That is why there is no background or skin tones there was not suppose to be .-- I appreciate the comments --Lenny

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