Wild flower +advice needed (56k 8pics)


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Apr 25, 2006
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North East UK
Hope you guys don't mind me posting another....and rather than bumping my last pics, I'd just like to thank you all for commenting on them here....so I can post this. I never really done the flower thing before and certainly not were people will see. I took these last week on a walk around the river, all Iso 400 and all with the sigma 70-300.

I think I'd like to print them for the kitchen but was wondering, if you were going to print as a set, How many would be in that set?...3, 4? and would also like to here which ones you'd print?
I have a couple of others....but only finished processing these last night and not got round to the others, although I think they'll be pretty much the same plants.....
Sorry about the monotony of the borders, it's part of an action for reducing to web I have.









Oh and anyone know there names?
Thanks in advance.
Wildflower names? Uh-oh ... :oops: no, don't know any here...

As to the set.
I think I'd always chose an odd number. Three sounds good.
And then I might be inclined to put a print to the left in which the flower kind of leans to the right, one into the middle where the flower also is straight and in the middle, and one to the right with the flower "looking" left.

Difficult to choose from these for the set, though, if I want to stick with my ideas ... for my personal favourite three are 2, 5 and 6. :scratch:
Going with Corinna's suggestion of three, I would tend to put two similar-colored ones on either side of a different-colored one. That's maybe just me, though
WNK said:
Going with Corinna's suggestion of three, I would tend to put two similar-colored ones on either side of a different-colored one. That's maybe just me, though

i think odd numbers work best when hanging prints... not really sure where i heard that or if its true, but i really like 2, 6, 7, and 8. Going with corinna and wendy's suggestions, i might go 2 and 6 with 7 in the middle... but i have a difficult time envisioning things like that. I say print all your favorites and lay them out on a table or floor before you hang them on the wall to get a feel for the comp/layout.
thanks all, appreciate the input, think it needed a womans thoughts though:thumbup:So thanks Corrina and Wendy....JTH I'd also heard odd numbers but know a guy who sells his landscape shots in 4's......but I honestly don't know about stuff like that. I don't have any pics that I've taken hanging up in my house, I have just fit a new kitchen after knocking a couple of walls down to make it bigger....replastered and built a utility room, so was thinking of printing and hanging these in my new kitchen.
Thanks again for your help.

Oh and Monkey magic the bluebells are the ones I do know....Thanks again.
Hi there,

3 is the best number when doing these prints. There is no set rule when hanging pictures, some say odd numbers some say even, if they are large, for instance a couple 20x30's look best when hanging side by side over a sofa or similar furniture. For your kitchen it really depends on the size of the prints and how much room you have on your wall.
My personal picks are 2,5 and 8 with 2 sitting in the center between 5 and 8. Seems to me it would give a balance.
Don't forget on the back on the photo's to put the exif data and date and a little description where you shot your photo's. In your older years it's always nice to turn them over and read that kind of stuff.
And it helps when people asked where you got them and you can say you actually took them yourself.
Anyway I know this is a bit late but hope it helps a little.

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