Will a canon 277t work on a wireless remote??


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Apr 28, 2013
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McDonough, GA
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I shoot with a Nikon D3200 but I have an old Canon 277t that is in great condition and works flawlessly. I tested it on my nikons hot shoe and it worked great, but then I read that it could harm the camera. So Im wondering is I can use something like a Pocketwizard to fire it? Ive seen a couple of them on ebay pretty cheap so if I could get it to work wirelessly I could pick up another (or two) and have a nice, manual, off-camera flash.

Any advice or am I wasting my time with it? Right now a new flash isnt in the cards, but I am starting a new job in a week paying a good bit more than I make now, so we will see!
Yes. Manual only, of course. Get yourself some YN602/603 or the YN622 (not really necessary for manual only operation, but might be nice to have if you get a Nikon down the road). All you're needing for that flash, and any other flash to operate wirelessly in manual mode, is something to tell it to fire. I've used all sorts of old flashed OC with YN602's. Some of them that I have used - Canon 199, 420EZ, 300EZ, Vivitar 285, 283, Achievers, Sunpaks, and more.

Just don't put any of the old flashes on your hotshoe, because the voltage they can put out can damage your camera. You can check here for assorted flash voltage output levels, and use it as a guide: Photo Strobe Trigger Voltages
Im having difficulty finding much info on the YN602.
Do you by chance have a link to somewhere good to buy from? Also would I need a Nikon transmitter and Canon receiver or something different?

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