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Apr 23, 2006
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New Orleans, LA
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Today I was in the Galleria area (in Houston) and there's this rather popular waterfall thing. It was crowded, and windy so I didn't get many pictures. Due to the wind, my lens was getting wet and I was about ready to throw a fit. :meh: These are the only two pictures I got.

Inner Wall

Outer Wall

I'll probably stop by there again one day to take more shots. I'm not very satisfied with these.
Somewhat of an abstract here. I hadn't read your description, looked at the photos and then read Mysterycribe's comment and thought to myself, "What water?" My brain had registered these as fences.
mysteryscribe said:
I like the idea, I wonder what would happen if you varied the shutter speeds so that the water did differernt things.

I was thinking the same thing. :D
My dad mentioned taking multiple pictures all around the inside and just putting them all together. I was wondering how I'd get the people out of the picture though. We have photoshop starter edition and I'm not exactly sure that there's anything on that program to take things out of it. If there is, I don't know what it's called lol. I'm looking at a picture in a magazine now of this very same park waterfall and it doesn't look all that bad with a few people in it. But they were way at the end of the park. Maybe when I have more time to freely shoot, I'll get better shots. You can't rush perfection!

Peanuts said:
My brain had registered these as fences.

Well, they could simply be fences of water. ;)

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