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May 1, 2005
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Cheshire, England
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Ther is a young lad labouring for the plasterers on the site I'm running at the moment nicknamed Dixie.

They were rendering the exterior walls & he brought in his own sunblock to use whilst he was outside in the sun. As a practical joke, Scouse (the plasterer) poured the sunblock into an old cup & re-filled the bottle with PVA Glue. (Being white & creamy it looked the same!)

Outside Scouse asked Dixie if he'd put anymore sunblock on since it only last a couple of hours and would wash off with the sweat. He added that if the lad got burnt he'd be peeling all day.

Not wishing to get sun burnt Dixie got the bottle and liberally applied it to his arms, chest, neck & face! After 20 minutes or so he was panicking saying he was already peeling (PVA peels like skin when drying on flesh!) and Scouse told him to get more sunblock on quick! :lol:

By now all the guys on site knew what was happening and after applying the "sunblock" for a third time Dixie overheard 2 guys laughing & talking about it! :lol: He was not happy about it but he's a good lad & could see the funny side!:thumbup:
I'm the target for that kinda thing at work.

I'm trying to organize a world cup pool at work, and two people are specifically trying to "Pi$$ off Paul" (my nickname at work is 'P!ssed off Paul').

It's working. Having collected entry's from 8 people, several decided that the rules needed changing to suit them (not true, but they knew it would p!ss me off). Then they decided that upon my denial of said rule change that they would start their own pool with my the people that were already entered into the one I was organizing.

Needless to say, I was pretty p!ssed trying to figure out if they were lieing or not, which I knew they were, but couldn't get them to send their entries in. P.O.P.
awww.....poor guy with the "sunblock" (although it had to be hilarious to watch) :lol:

....and POP! Has a definite ring to it. :mrgreen: hee hee
Most recently it's been changed to "P dot".

I actually like the name. As you all know here, it suits me.

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