" Winter Barn..."

May 13, 2007
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a Barn in Vermonts Northeast Kingdom, to simple ?

Not much you could do about it, but I think I would like it better with full cloud cover or no cloud cover. Something about that distracts me.
Well what you say makes some sense, because the blue above the clouds (upper) actually divides the frame into fourths.. and possibly this would cause an eye distraction,, perhaps a crop into the cloud itself would be more pleasing..

Yeah, I agree, a crop on the right side work.
Love your photos NEM. I always look forward to them.
nice barn... again. Good exposure with the snow, perhaps a smal contrast boost is needed
elsaspet.. Thanks, nice compliment, I appreciate that!

nagoshua... Probably wouldn't hurt for a bit more pop! Thanks
yes, it looks nice, but something bothers me.. not sure what yet. it looks a bit out of balance for me, maybe because of the snow which has not much structure, and then the upper 3/4 have lots of detail and colour.

maybe just too much sky and not enough snow for my eyes.
no not too simple - just a nice clean picture and you have done the snow very well. I think I would crop a touch off the left as I feel the barn is too central.
Well done

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