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Jun 10, 2006
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Vernon B.C.
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I was asked to take a few photos of a co-worker and her family for Christmas. We desided to head up a ski mountain to get the snow-covered trees for a "Christmasy" setting.

We did a few nice shots then everyone started goofing off and the camera starter firing like crazy.

Here's a few shots from the session. Please let me know your thoughts...



I love does look like Christmas...can't really say I have ever seen that much snow since I live in South Georgia where until this weekend has been around 75 degrees in the afternoon.
Thanks you two. I'm quite happy with the outcome.

Heck yes, there was about knee high snow up there. It wasn't smart of me to wear sneakers. I was a tad wet but the goofing off made me forget about my frozzen toes.

These were taken at Silver Star Mountain in British Columbia B.C.
I'd creep the black level up a bit and/or play with the shadow/highlight tool. Alternate wardrobe would help too.

These look like a lot of fun! It's great when you have fun/easy people to work with.

I'll agree with Ls3D on the shadow/highlight tool. On my monitor the darks are kinda close to a black blob.
I love that last one. The first one just looks really dark with Mom and bro. I hardly notice mom in the photo. Other then that very cool! Love all the snow :)
Thanks everyone.
It might be my monitor calibration cause the mom and black blogs look perfectly fine, i'll have to look into it more. Thanks!
Nice's my 2 cents :)

I think the first shot is underexposed...
I think the second shot, the WB is off. The snow looks slightly gray to me.
The 3rd shot looks a little over processed...did you edit it in PS? I love the capture of the moment tho! Nice job.
I LOVE these!!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite by far is the last one. Kick butt job!!!!!
I'd love to see more of your work. Just killer.

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